Happy Anniversary…My Seven Blessings!

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

“Light is sweet, and good for the eyes to see the sun; for if a man lives many years, may he rejoice in all of them.”

(Ecclesiastes 11:7)

Certainly, time has flown by for all of us! I can’t believe that it has been one year that we have all connected…Amazing! My heart is full of gratitude as I take the time to reflect on all of our accomplishments. I am moved deeply in my soul to recall that in 2017, my life was shattered, and My Seven Blessings was just another broken dream! But I do believe in a powerful God that is able to restore all the broken dreams of our life. We just have to keep an open spirit, heart, and my mind. In my walk of faith, I have learned about the power of love and the importance of community. In getting to know all of you, I have experienced this first hand and I am able to feel God’s hand like never before in my life. My heart continues to trust in the God that gave me this beautiful blessing.

Most of all, I have also seen God’s love and guidance, up close and personal through my two incredible partners and friends: Gerald Francis and Tyler Cardenas. For had God not guided my steps into your lives, My Seven Blessings would not exist today. Thank you for all your leadership and efforts to always be there and serve. There are no words to express how grateful I am to both of you for your partnership. Both of you, have given to me motivation, love and strength in the best of times and the worst of times! Thank you for not allowing me to give up on my dream, even when it seemed impossible. For all the times, I thought we should quit, and both of you looked at me with reassurance, and said, “No”! Your lives have shaped mine, forcing me to become stronger, flexible, creative, innovative, and fearless. As you both have changed my life, I pray that you continue to change the world, and make it better. For God, has unspoken and amazing plans for you, or better said, for us! My heart overflows with admiration and love for both of you! We continue to reach for the stars! May our first year anniversary of my Seven Blessings bring many more! Thank you to all the people that have read out posts, shared their thoughts, and believed in God’s work through us! You and the entire world remains in my heart, thought, and prayers. You are loved always, no matter where you are today, celebrating with us!

In a spirit of Love & Celebration, My Seven Blessings-Lisa Camacho & Friends

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