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Pray as though everything depended on God. Work as though everything depended on you.

– Saint Augustine

I know this next comment may seem absurd or hard for some people to swallow, but I’m genuinely grateful for how much the universe tests every soul that incarnates upon this world. Some dreams and aspirations can manifest in a matter of a few moments or days, but it’s the ones that our hearts and souls desire, which test and develop our character, that make everything worth the wait. Before my awakening, I honestly never fathomed how crucial having faith toward something was. I never believed that we came down here to create whatever our mind and heart had envisioned toward molding a more beautiful reality for myself and those around me. But as I’m currently perched upon a chair, typing this blog, I can perceive and grasp the importance of how much of an influence and ingredient “Faith” is toward baking the most delicious slice of reality one wants to create for him/herself. Ever since I’ve finally started implying genuine faith into an aspect of my life, the tiniest fraction of doubt that once resided in my programming had become non-influential and practically nonexistent. Ever since that feeling has lived within me, I honestly can’t put the experience into words, other than it has inspired me to sit down with myself more and more while figuring out what my heart wants to create within this lifetime.

Life for me has become more of a playground instead of a boot camp, and I’m composing this blog to inform you all that every one of us is here to create. Ultimately, if you can carry faith with you each day, I guarantee your dream will manifest in front of you when the universe knows you’re ready for it to blossom into existence. If there’s ever a time where you feel as if the world is trying everything it can to prevent that dream from manifesting, take a deep breath and remember that you’re being tested because you won’t be granted something that you don’t truly desire in the first place. So if you’re reading this blog and find yourself confronting an obstacle or may have stirred up some self-doubt recently, all you need to do is take a moment for yourself and restore faith towards God, the divine, the creator, and a new, beautiful addition to your life will manifest before you know it. I’m sending my love to you all and hope you don’t give up on what sits inside every one of your beautiful hearts, let’s create our dreams together. ❤

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